3 Questions Parents Need To Ask Themselves Before They Allow Their Teen To Get Their Drivers License

Many teenagers look forward to the day when they will get their drivers license and have the freedom to drive a car. Most states have a legal age that allows the teen to get their license. However, just because your teenager has reached the legal age, doesn't mean that they are ready to drive. In fact, they still may need more time, even years before they are emotionally mature enough to operate a vehicle. It is up to the parent to decide if their child is ready to drive a car. Here are some things to look for.

Does Your Child Honor Household Rules, Such as Curfew?

In order to operate a car safely, the driver needs to honor the rules of the road, even if they don't always understand why. If they think they are above the laws and rules they may not only get in trouble with the law, they could endanger themselves and those around them. This is why you should be looking for signs that your child can follow rules and be trusted with responsibilities. For example, do they honor the family curfew? Do they put their phone away when needed or when it is unsafe to be on the phone? These are just simple things to observe, but the answer will tell you if they can be trusted to follow the rules.

Can Your Child Understand Basic Car Maintenance?

Part of driving a car is not just knowing how to operate the car but how to maintain the car safely. They should know the signs that the car is malfunctioning. They should be aware of how to tell that the car needs an oil change, that the breaks are giving out, or that the transmission is failing. If they don't heed the signs that the car isn't safe to drive they may damage the car, and put themselves in danger.

Is Your Child Extremely Susceptible To Peer Pressure?

Lastly, it is very important that your child is strong and confident enough to withstand peer pressure. They need to be able to make correct and safe choices, even when it may not be popular. You need to be sure that while they are in the car with friends that they won't make poor choices to impress their friends. If you find that your teen is unable to make rational choices in the presence of their friends, then you should have them wait to get their license.

These are just a couple questions parents should ask themselves before they allow their teen to get their drivers license. Contact a school, such as the Westside Driving School, for more information.