Questions to Ask When Touring an Infant Daycare

Trusting anyone other than yourself to care for your infant is very difficult. However, there are many qualified daycares that offer excellent care for newborns. The secret lies in finding one that resonates with you and provides the exact services you need. You should visit several infant daycares in your area before choosing one, and during your tours of these daycares, you should remember to ask the following questions. 

1. How many caregivers are there per child?

For infants, especially, it is important that the daycare has a high staff-to-child ratio. A daycare with a ratio of three or four infants to one caregiver is ideal. This gives the caregivers plenty of time to individually care for each baby's needs throughout the day. When your little one needs a diaper change or some other care, you know they won't have to wait long.

2. How does the daycare keep milk or formula?

It's important that the daycare has a good system for keeping straight which breast milk or formula goes to each infant. Ask to see the refrigerators where the milk is kept, and make sure they are organized and that everything is labeled. Also, ask about the daycare's policy regarding breastfeeding. Can you stop by on your lunch break to feed your infant? Can you breastfeed there when you pick your baby up, before driving home in the evening?

3. How are toys and other items sanitized?

Germs spread quickly between little ones, and your baby may not have all of his or her immunizations yet. So sanitation is paramount. Make sure the daycare cleans toys, surfaces, bedding, and other items regularly.

4. What education do the caregivers have?

Especially when you're seeking care for a tiny infant, you need to make sure the caregivers really know what they are doing. A daycare where the caregivers hold certificates or degrees in early childhood care is ideal.

5. What are the diapering policies?

Some daycares require that all infants are in disposable diapers. Other are open to the idea of cloth diapers. If you are using cloth diapers, make sure you ask about this beforehand. Even if you use disposable diapers, confirm whether the daycare will provide them, or whether you can provide your own.

6. Are there camera feeds you can access?

These days, more and more daycares are offering video feeds, which you can watch remotely on your phone to see exactly what your child is doing throughout the day. This will give you immense peace of mind, although you will likely pay more for a daycare with this service.